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The best food in Phuket – Elegant Skewers

Skewers are widely used in Thai cookery. With the delicate and intricate flavors of Thai food being the foundation of what makes Thai food adored by so many it is surprising how  such a humble and often clumsy way of eating is so well liked. I wonder whether it is because much of the Thai street food is cooked using skewers over tiny gas flames.

The ubiquitous Thai fish cake is normally served as a small patty which can be picked up with fingers and dipped in a range of sauces. Recipes for Thai fish cakes are handed down through the generations. Normally they are a mixture of white fish blended with red curry paste, green beans, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk and egg to combine and a pinch of sugar to complete.But, not always. Tiger prawns, pork loin and chicken are also often used and every chef will have their favorite sauce to accompany their cakes. Tamarind, red and green chillies, dried mushrooms, fish sauce – the list goes on.

If you are using powerful ingredients such as tamarind and chilli then marinading takes just 10 minutes. And then the cakes can be placed on a hot grill for just a few minutes or until cooked.

Skewers can easily be transformed by using lemongrass sticks as skewers or using glossy, green leaves to wrap the patty in before cooking. 

Wine pairing with Thai food can be challenging as very hot and spicy food can wipe out any subtle Thai flavors. A full Sauvignon Blanc or, if you’re feeling like celebrating, a champagne should work well with the food.

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The 9th Floor Bar & Restaurant
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