Best Places to Eat in Phuket and Patong Beach

The 9th Floor -The best places to eat in PhuketIn Phuket, and Patong beach in particular, you are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to fine eateries to choose from. The diversity of food on offer is certainly enough to confuse even the most avid foodie. This also means that there is most definitely something to suit all tastes – from comfort food to fine dining. In this article we will take a look at some of the top eateries in the area and compare them by price point, to help guide you on your food journey.

Of course, the ‘best places’ to eat, are so, due to multiple factors; not just the menu. For example, we here at The 9th Floor are consistently placed near the top of food bloggers lists of top restaurants in the area owing to our fabulous rooftop views, our service Angels, and our plentiful wine list as well as our mouth-watering array of Mediterranean cuisine. It was this combination of factors that led us to win The Best Independent Restaurant in Phuket in the Exotiq Thailand Awards 2017. We may not be directly on Patong beach, but our view from the 9th floor of Patong is a delight.

The best places to eat in Patong beach, Phuket all share that combination of winning factors; service, scenery, style, and salivating sustenance. Patong beach is a naturally occurring hotspot for the best eateries. As the most popular beach resort in Phuket for tourists and locals alike, a variety of top class restaurants have sprung up to cater to the many needs of the visitors. You can experience a whole host of cuisines from Spanish to German, American to Arabian, and French to Asian.

The9th floor, the best restaurants in Patong have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options. Thailand is great for vegetarianism too, which means if you choose the meat-free lifestyle you can be sure to taste some fantastic food whilst visiting the area. When travelling as a non-meat eater, it can be a bit of a worry. The fear of having to stick to fries or salad is a very real one. Many of the best restaurants in Patong have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options to keep even the trickiest customers happy.

If you really want to experience the best places to eat in Patong beach and Phuket, then price does reflect quality. In many tourist locations prices are jacked up, but in Patong in particular, you really do pay for what you get. Hence why many of the ‘best places to eat’ are at the higher end of a dinner budget, but it is worth it. There are a number of award winning chefs working in this particular region of Phuket – and any restaurant is only as good as it’s chef. This doesn’t mean to say you can’t get some stunning food at more bargain prices, but as the price decreases, so does the probability of getting the superb scenery and service along with your food. Those elements are what make a meal memorable, along with your choice of dining partners of course! Let’s have a look at some of the top restaurants in Phuket/Patong per price point…

Cheap Eats

Tandoori Flame is one of the highest rated cheap eat establishments in the area.Tandoori Flame is one of the highest rated cheap eat establishments in the area. The restaurant itself is styled in a very casual manner – like you would expect of a kebab shop. The Indian food provided at this restaurant is delicious, and it is a great place for a super relaxed and casual dinner, perhaps after a heavy night on the beer. Diner’s give it rave reviews for it’s price point, and staff are friendly and accommodating.


The 9th Floor -The best places to eat in PhuketThe Orange Restaurant is situated in a busy part of Patong down a little side street. So location is what you are giving up for opting for a lower price bracket with this restaurant. The food however, is European and Asian fusion, and for the lower end of the price spectrum provides good value for money. Whilst the food is of good quality, the service is reflective of the lower prices – certainly nothing compared to our Angels!

Poo Nurntong Restaurant is a more traditional Thai restaurant for those looking The 9th Floor -The best places to eat in Phuketfor something traditionally Asian. Now this eatery does have a nice view which is why it has made our list, because this is something unusual for this price point. The food is plentiful and has a good range of flavours, but it is just lacking that presentation and atmosphere that makes a dining experience truly special.


Medium Price

Honeymoon Thai Restaurant by Kenya is a good choice for medium priced Thai food. Honeymoon Thai Restaurant by Kenya is a good choice for medium priced Thai food. It is set away from the hustle and bustle and also has a great reputation for service for an establishment of its price point. It is a very pretty little eatery, but it doesn’t have the advantage of panoramic views like we do here at the 9th Floor. Although their wine is nice, the selection on offer is rather small.

Rustic Eatery and Bar is particularly revered for its creative cuisine and mouth watering deserts.Rustic Eatery and Bar is another option for the average price point. It is particularly revered for its creative cuisine and mouth watering deserts. It is also a nice quiet place and has that air of bay-side bar dining which most people look for within this price bracket. It is a superb choice for a light lunch. It is also well known for its pizza – which is just the kind of dish you can expect for a mid-range restaurant. It’s menu is mostly Italian inspired which does somewhat limit what you can expect to find. The seafood is very nice, but if you are willing to splash out a little bit more for a memorable dining experience you can get fresh fusion seafood with a Mediterranean twist here at 9th Floor.

Heavily influenced by Austrian and Germanic cuisine.Last but not least in this price category is the Austrian Garden Restaurant. As you can tell by the name this eatery is heavily influenced by Austrian and Germanic cuisine. This means that the food lacks the elegance that you can experience with us at The 9th Floor, but nonetheless they provide a hearty and delicious meal for their price bracket.


High End and Fine Dining

The romance and Italian cuisine in PhuketFor romance and Italian cuisine, a great place to eat in Patong is undoubtedly La Gritta which is situated at the beautiful southern end of Patong Bay. The restaurant is of contemporary design thanks to its recent refurbishment. It has rave reviews thanks to its gorgeous setting and pleasant atmosphere. Another key element this restaurant exhibits perfectly is the ability to choose indoor, or outdoor seating. This restaurant is definitely at the high end of the price range when it comes to cuisine in Patong, but it does offer good value. Their menu however isn’t quite as diverse as ours here at 9th floor, and they also have a rather limited wine list in comparison.

Joe’s Downstairs provides a fine choice of venue to eat in Phuket. Another favourite is Joe’s Downstairs. Now don’t be fooled by the unremarkable name of this restaurant, because it is in fact a fine choice of venue to eat in Phuket. It too has the winning combination of fantastic flavours and fabulous views. The food here is of an international nature, led by an American chef. You climb down the stairs to find the restaurant situated over the boulders overlooking Patong Bay. This makes it the perfect choice for some pre-dinner cocktails, and because of that, is a favourite with young Phuket locals. Food-wise, it is better suited to visitors looking for a light lunch. It’s atmosphere is relaxed, which whilst important, does not always make you feel as though you have had that special dining experience which is what we aim to give you at 9th Floor.

The restaurant’s food is French influenced, there is a certain Asian fusionNext, something truly Thai; Royale Nam Tok. This fine dining establishment is the owner’s home by day, and a gastronomic delight by night. Although the restaurant’s food is French influenced, there is a certain Asian fusion element too which suits this individual setting down to the ground. You can’t get a more authentic Phuket experience than dining in a Thai host’s house! It is most definitely a hidden gem in Patong and well worth a visit. For proper French and Mediterranean inspired food with that Thai twist, there is no place better than the 9th Floor. We pride ourselves on our creative menus, delivered with flare by our top of their game chefs.

The 9th Floor is the ultimate in fine dining. We are well known for our beautiful service women (known as our ‘Angels’), our romantic setting with stunning views, and our top-quality steaks. We pride ourselves on the presentation of our dishes, which ensures that our visitors get that fine dining experience. The Best places to eat in Phuket.We are consistently rated high across all fine dining review platforms thanks to our winning combination of service with a smile, food with flare, and luxurious location and views. Our menu is Mediterranean inspired but full of Thai influence too which makes a perfect palate for that high-class dining experience. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold glass of wine on a warm evening as you watch the sun go down from our unique vantage point.

So there we have it, a little flavour (no pun intended) of the best places to eat in Patong beach. We hope to see you soon at The 9th Floor so our Angels can show you how a restaurant becomes the best.


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