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Steak in Phuket? Try our Charolais Beef T-Bone…..

Do you enjoy a succulent, carefully prepared steak?

As part of our Chef’s menu for July we are offering an exquisite, grilled, 30-day dry aged, Charolais beef T-bone with a trio of sauces and gratin potatoes. Our recommended wine is the Reserva 2014, Marques de Riscal (Rioja, Spain).

All fresh beef is aged for at least a few days to allow time for enzymes in the meat to break down the muscle tissue. This aging process gives the meat a better texture and flavour. Dry aged beef is unusual in Phuket. Normally, all beef in Phuket is “wet aged”. This means it is aged off the bone, with all fat removed in vacuum bags. It’s a convenient and low-cost way of aging the meat, however the vacuum bags can alter the flavour of the meat. For many steak lovers the view is dry aging gives a richer and deeper flavour and a more tender steak.  Dry aging is the traditional way of aging beef. Meat is hung in large pieces, on the bone with most of the fat left on for several weeks. If there is room in the cabinet often a whole side or a whole leg of beef will be hung.

Dry aging requires specialist equipment to closely control humidity, air flow and temperature. Dry aging is more expensive than wet aging because of how the meat is stored and because through the process the meat loses weight from the dehydration process and the dried outside area has to be discarded. 

Charolais is a breed of cattle from the Charolais area in Burgundy, France and is well known for providing excellent quality beef.

We’ve chosen T-bone for this recipe because it’s really two steaks in one with  one side of the bone being a tenderloin and the other side a sirloin. The tenderloin should have a soft buttery flavour and the the sirloin a big beefy hit. The T-bone should have the famous fat marbling throughout the steak. This fat marbling gives the steak the rich flavour.

The 9th Floor is delighted to be the first restaurant in Phuket to serve dry aged Charolais beef. The beef will soon be available for retail sale at “The Chef’s Market” at Blue Tree in Cherng Talay, Phuket. It’s great to see a retailer providing such a top quality product. 

For July we are also offering an appetizer of a local smoked yellow tail with Gruyere tuiles, olive shortbread fingers, black olive butter and wild rocket. And then following on from your beautiful Charolais beef we have a hot chocolate cheesecake with crème fraiche. Complete your dining experience with an espresso or a glass of grappa.

Have a look at our Chef’s menu for July.

Come to The 9th Floor and experience our 30-day dry aged, Charolais beef  T-bone for yourself.

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