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Types of Restaurants in Patong, Phuket

Phuket is famed for its diverse range of delectable cuisine. Thanks to its population of a broad range of cultures and nationalities, you can explore a whole host of restaurants right across the country. The best restaurants in Phuket, Thailand can be anything from street food to high-end eateries. Phuket is a destination to please your palate on any budget.
Of course you would expect to find a fabulous array of Asian delights in Phuket, but here are some other types of cuisine that you may stumble across:

best restaurants in phuket thailandItalian – proper comfort food. Yes that’s right, in the heat of the Phuket sun you can enjoy an authentic Italian pizza, or a delicious pasta dish. The best thing about many of these Italian eateries is that they diversify too, and you can find other Mediterranean dishes on the menu as well as sometimes more Americanised dishes.

best restaurants in phuket thailandChinese – so many people’s favourite. Not a world away from Asian cuisine, but can provide the palate with some different flavours.

Phuket food is of course a hybrid of Chinese, Thai, and Malay and so sometimes it is nice to explore those cuisines alone to explore where Phuket chefs got their inspiration from.

best restaurants in phuket thailandBritish – you can visit a traditional English pub or Irish tavern whilst eating in Phuket. Hearty meals like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and even a good old roast dinner are there to be found for those who choose to seek.

For back to basics grub, these are the establishments to visit.

best restaurants in phuket thailandJapanese – a clean eat. Sushi and Sashimi really are a refreshing delight in the heat of Phuket. Seafood is always fresh on this Thai isle, and so this is a cuisine that must be sampled whist visiting Phuket. There are a number of fabulous choices of restaurants to sample the Thai take on various fish and crustaceans.

Burger American

American – you may wish to immerse yourself in Thai culture, but wherever you go in the world you cannot escape some American staples such as The Hard Rock café. American food is hearty, plentiful, and full of flavour. Of course it isn’t the healthiest choice but we are all allowed to be unhealthy every now and then.

apas is a great choice whilst soaking up the rays on Patong Beach.Spanish – Tapas is a great choice whilst soaking up the rays on Patong Beach. Little and often is a good way to eat when the temperatures rise, hence why the Spanish like it that way. There are a number of great choices in Patong, where many of the best restaurants in Phuket, Thailand are located.  You can even enjoy a sup of sangria to wash it all down.

Tacos and Burritos are great grab and go foods.Mexican – spice and all things nice. There are fewer of these than some of the other cuisines discussed, but they are worth hunting down. Tacos and Burritos are great grab and go foods, and so if you are in a rush this is a great option. Some of the Mexican eateries also have Cajan and Creole inspired dishes and so you are bound to find variety in these restaurants.

best restaurants in phuket thailandIndian – there is a strong liking for the warm Indian aromas in Phuket.

Some of the flavours are echoed in Phuket cuisine too. Of course, Thai curries are great and very fragrant, but the Indian offering provides a certain level of comfort for spice lovers.

So there we have it, a selection of cuisines you may be surprised to find in Patong Phuket. With such a great array of international eateries you may be tempted to stick to the ones you know, but when in Patong make sure you don’t miss out on the local cuisine, street food, and restaurants. The best restaurants in Phuket, Thailand are in Patong.

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