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What makes a restaurant romantic?

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Romance is one of those concepts that is inherently subjective. What is romantic to me, may be completely unromantic to you. There are however some key elements that help create the perfectly romantic restaurant date. In this article we will have a look at just what they are to help you nail your date night.

Dates have become almost like a challenge… a test. Especially a first date. But you still can’t beat the classic dinner date, providing you choose the right setting of course. It isn’t just about the food, as there are many street vendors and cafes with some of the best dishes around. It isn’t just about the setting either, as you can easily end up with a less than quality meal in the most beautiful location. To achieve a romantic meal, it is undoubtedly a combination of ambiance, location, food and drink, and service.


Ambiance is something you need for a romantic meal.

Ambiance is something you need for a romantic meal. Look for somewhere without too severe lighting, a soft and steady glow is something you want to aim for. Flashing lights are as much a no go for a romantic dinner date as blaring music. So, for the right ambiance for your loved-up evening ensure to choose a place which also has the correct level and style of background music. Loud or penetrative music can quickly detract from the conversation, and a dinner date is a classic because it allows the conversation to flow as freely as the wine. As well as music consider the capacity of the restaurant – the more people it can accommodate the louder your evening will be. Smaller more intimate places tend to be the best for dinner dates, if choosing a larger venue, be sure to ask for a quiet table in a corner when making your reservation. Always, always make a reservation, if you leave it up to chance you may get a poorly situated table, or worse, no table at all!

If you want to go that extra mile to make your evening that little bit more romantic, call ahead and ask for you table to be dressed with candles and flowers, perhaps even arrive to bottle of something sparkling on ice. It is small details such as these, especially ones you can put your own personal stamp on. At 9th Floor we will endeavor to meet all of your individual needs, and our ‘Angels’ are ready to go above and beyond to create the most romantic meal of your life.


best view restaurant phuket

Location of course is imperative. Somewhere with stunning views, or personal meaning to you and your dining partner. Consider not only the geographic location, but the feng-shui of the restaurant itself. How close the tables are together, how comfortable the seats are, how far away you are from the kitchen; all of these have an impact on the mood of your meal. Also investigate whether outdoor seating is an option, as in Phuket and other hot climates it is a lovely thing to be able to share your post meal liqueur or coffee outside in the fresh air – even better the sea breeze. It makes a perfect setting for that romantic kiss.

Food and Drink

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Food is of course your secondary reason for choosing a restaurant dates, so it has to be spot on. Ensure to read plenty of reviews before setting your location and consider whether the type of cuisine suits both diner’s palates.

Seafood is obviously a well-known aphrodisiac, but also consider the aromas that will be left to linger in your mouth, and how heavy food may sit in your stomach after the meal.

For a romantic evening, keep your food choices light and fresh. Mediterranean and tapas make a fine choice. Choosing wines for the table that go with the dishes also adds a certain level of class to a date.

Ensure to take your time with your alcoholic beverages to ensure that it doesn’t go to your head before the night is over.


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Last but not least – service. This is where reading the reviews comes in handy. It is a difficult balance to strike to have waiters who are attentive, but not intrusive.

You want friendly and approachable service staff with a smile. They also should know their stuff, and be able to answer any questions you or your dining partner may have about the drinks or dinner menu.

Our ‘Angel’s are highly trained to get this balance right for you on the special night. It is all about an awareness of your needs, knowing when to hold back and when to step up.

Here at 9thFloor we have our ‘Angels’ ready and waiting to ensure you have the most romantic meal of your lives.

We have over 300 wines to for you to accompany your Mediterranean inspired dishes, as well as a perfect view of the Phuket sunset which provides the perfect backdrop to a love filled evening.




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